Norton Tankless Heaters
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February 11, 2002

Norman Bourgeois
Norman Research
585 North Main St, Suite 100
Vidor, TX 77662

Mr. Bourgeois,

The Kraft Foods Maxwell House Coffee Plant in Houston, Texas has been installing "Norton" tankless water heaters as a plant standard for well over a year.

These compact units have performed flawlessly in every application, whether in a production area or in normal use.  The endless supply of hot water these units provide has totally eliminated  our problems with "Recovery Time" experienced with the antiquated tank type water heaters.

"Norton" Tankless Water Heaters have replaced our old 80-gallon and larger tank type heaters, in most cases, without wiring modifications.  We have found that the wiring and circuit breakers for the old industrial units is heavy enough to allow direct replacement with a "Norton", further reducing the cost of conversion.

Piping to these units is fast and simple, they are easy to mount, require an absolute minimum of space, and have freed up valuable floor space in utility rooms across the plant.  Additionally, the long runs of hot water piping have been eliminated by "Point of use" installation, achieved by "Teeing" into the cold water supply line in remote single use applications.  There is no relief valve piping to contend with or maintain, and no sediment or mineral build up to reduce volume or insulate the elements thus reducing efficiency.

Though we have not done a cost study, I believe that we cannot avoid saving money with these units.  The initial cost is comparable to that of an 80-gallon electric water heater.  The "Norton Tankless Water Heater" carries a 13-year warrantee compared to a 6-year warrantee for a tank type heater, and we are only paying to heat the water we use, not to maintain the water temperature on a limited volume of water.

The Houston Plant will continue to enjoy our association with "Norman Research" as we continue to replace our aging tank type heaters with "Norton Tankless Water Heaters".

Steven E. Nourse
Senior Maintenance Supervisor
Kraft Foods, Maxwell House Coffee Div.
Houston, Texas