Norton Tankless Heaters
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Here at Norman Research we want to introduce the NORTON , so we will cut through all the Government resources, references of documents, such as A.C.P.T., statistics, what N.A.S.A. has to say, the EPA specifications, so on and so forth.                                                                                                           RIGHT NOW YOU WANT FACTS THAT ARE PROVEN AND WHY THE NORTON SHOULD BE THE TANKLESS HEATER OF YOUR CHOICE.   So here it goes !!

Here at Norman Research we take a product, study it, read all the claims, engineering specifications, etc. and actually put it through a SHOW AND TELL testing process THROUGH TIME & TOUGH CONDITIONS. By doing this we are very confident that when we brag on our NORTON Tankless Water Heater, we have an honorable right to do so.

We have been in the tankless water heater business since 1993 and are very proud of our track record.        We hope the following information will answer any questions you may have, and please remember,

"If you ever have a problem, we want to be the first to know about it.

Because we love to keep you in hot water."


1. Stay in touch and be there for you anytime after the sale. SERVICE, SERVICE, SERVICE!!

2. Should you have a problem, we can usually fix it over the phone. SERVICE, SERVICE, SERVICE!!

3. With a NORTON Tankless you get, not a 6 or 10 year, but a 13 warranty SERVICE, SERVICE, SERVICE!!

4. When you do get on your own, we carry parts and will pass them to you with no mark-up on your cost price. We are here to help you. SERVICE, SERVICE, SERVICE!!

5. Our profit here comes from the initial sale of our NORTON Tankless not the parts after the sale. SERVICE, SERVICE, SERVICE!!

6. With the NORTON Tankless, you are our #1 priority and I have a PERSONAL interest in your purchase, SERVICE, SERVICE, SERVICE!!

7. Should you choose to install your own NORTON your warranty will still be valid. (If you live within the city, please abide by your city codes.) Otherwise install it yourself, family member or friend.